Two is better than one

Kepley and I became buddies in college. We sat next to each other during a play and proceeded to make fun of it’s incredible awfulness. We had the exact same type of humor and Kepley offered to buy me pizza. I do not turn down free food, especially in college, so I kept the idiotic discussion going. As long as it’s not Ramen noodles, I’m in.

Years later we found ourselves staying up late and playing Contra on the NES. All. Night. Long.

Several years later, after college, I went to a place to sell back my Nintendo’s (plural) and all of my games. I got maybe $15 for one NES. I was hard up for money. When it came time to sell the other one… I couldn’t do it. I still have it. It works. And, I kept a couple games. And when the time comes, Kepley and I will sit down, together, and teach our children how to play Contra. But first…. they’ll need the code.

contra code

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