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robaxin mgAfter many discussions, The Wife and I decided that I would become a stay-at-home dad when The Understudy was 2 months old. At the time, I worked as a very important master of the burrito industry and it took a lot of time away from my new family and caused even more distractions when I was actually at home. At first, we were both skeptical about whether I would thrive in my new position. Would it be enough daily stimulation, interaction, conflict, etc. to get my hard-working juices flowing? And then, I left my job and it suddenly became very real. robaxin mg dosage

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order robaxin on lineEveryone wants their day in equality court. Let’s get one fact in order right off the top; I have no experience in being discriminated against. I do not get pulled over for the color of my skin. I am not paid less for a job than someone of the opposite sex. I have never had my life threatened for my sexual orientation. My closest experience with discrimination was being rudely kept out of a piano bar for wearing sandals. I tried to organize a grassroots protest the following day, but got sleepy and ordered a Starbucks. I have lived a sheltered life away from the judgment of societal norms. I had no idea my first experience would come as stay-at-home dad when I was shunned at the playground…by moms.

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Salmon is a fish that most people find very difficult to cook. Forget that. It’s easy. All you need is an oven, a few small ingredients with 10-15 minutes to put them together and you can have the tastiest fish cooked in 35-40 minutes, with the tastiest flavors… Greek. Now, I am not Greek. And I am not a chef. But I love the Greek flavors and anything that has feta and kalamata olives in it, sounds great to me. So, here’s my easy recipe for a Greek-ish style salmon. I like to call it, Easy Greek-ish Style Salmon.

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Even as we move into the digital age, I hate throwing away old books. Especially if they have hard covers with nice artwork. One way to bring them back to relevance is to re-purpose them as clocks. It does not matter if the spine is bad or the edges are ripped, that’s called character. Generally, I look for kid-friendly material and I give them as newborn gifts to new parents. robaxin canada

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Listen. Being a stay-at-home dad is cool. And when someone makes you think otherwise, just run this through your head.

That’s right, I take care of my children.
That’s right, I take care of my children!