Bad Haircut

bad haircutNothing says regret like taking in your mirror’s image after you have given yourself a haircut. Let’s get this straight, I’m not a guy that can take clippers to his hair, oh no. I maintain a fine coif. This is no ordinary mane; this hair, my friends, is enamored by queens and women love it, too. If it was a fish, my hair would have its own week. If it were a person, it would be Kris Kriscoiffureson.

Coifness aside, moving to the stay-at-home parent model comes along with multiple changes in your relationships and finances. When I took over at home full time, I took it upon myself to shoulder the majority of the cooking, cleaning, and financial aspects of my marriage. When we were both working, both of us were so tired that we never took the time to look line by line at how much we were spending and on what. When I started staying home I had to learn quickly to prioritize our “life-style needs” to make ends meet. (I call it that because “Every last enjoyable thing that we still falsely believe we can do and buy, even though we have two children” sounds desperate.) It was obvious that it was time to make some changes. Continue reading

Delusions of Stay-at-Home Dadeur

Delusions of DadeurAfter many discussions, The Wife and I decided that I would become a stay-at-home dad when The Understudy was 2 months old. At the time, I worked as a very important master of the burrito industry and it took a lot of time away from my new family and caused even more distractions when I was actually at home. At first, we were both skeptical about whether I would thrive in my new position. Would it be enough daily stimulation, interaction, conflict, etc. to get my hard-working juices flowing? And then, I left my job and it suddenly became very real. Continue reading

Same Team, Moms. Same Team.

01b7f4372d603d634601446e1ca7586b6b4a87ca6aEveryone wants their day in equality court. Let’s get one fact in order right off the top; I have no experience in being discriminated against. I do not get pulled over for the color of my skin. I am not paid less for a job than someone of the opposite sex. I have never had my life threatened for my sexual orientation. My closest experience with discrimination was being rudely kept out of a piano bar for wearing sandals. I tried to organize a grassroots protest the following day, but got sleepy and ordered a Starbucks. I have lived a sheltered life away from the judgment of societal norms. I had no idea my first experience would come as stay-at-home dad when I was shunned at the playground…by moms.

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Easy Greek-ish Style Salmon

salmon post
Salmon is a fish that most people find very difficult to cook. Forget that. It’s easy. All you need is an oven, a few small ingredients with 10-15 minutes to put them together and you can have the tastiest fish cooked in 35-40 minutes, with the tastiest flavors… Greek. Now, I am not Greek. And I am not a chef. But I love the Greek flavors and anything that has feta and kalamata olives in it, sounds great to me. So, here’s my easy recipe for a Greek-ish style salmon. I like to call it, Easy Greek-ish Style Salmon.

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Book Clock

Book Clock
Even as we move into the digital age, I hate throwing away old books. Especially if they have hard covers with nice artwork. One way to bring them back to relevance is to re-purpose them as clocks. It does not matter if the spine is bad or the edges are ripped, that’s called character. Generally, I look for kid-friendly material and I give them as newborn gifts to new parents. Continue reading