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christmas card

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I am “that guy” that is always looking to make the perfect whatever– the perfect engagement announcement, pregnancy announcement, Christmas card, birth announcement, whatever. No matter the occasion, it always begins with capturing the perfect picture which can make or break the perfect whatever.

Kepley and I have been trying to make each other laugh for 15 years. Kepley had both of his children before I had my first and every step along the way, when I’m struggling with a new phase, his first reaction is typically to chuckle and then help me through the phase using what we know best— humor.

As The Wife and I have added kids into our perfect picture announcements, I have had to accept that I win some and I lose some. The biggest obstacle is typically the kids as they simply can’t understand my vision for the photo shoot. Everyone’s lives would be so much better if they could, but this is where we are.

Then, there’s Kepley. Robaxin online

robaxin and orgasm

robaxin 500 onlike no prescriptionMy older son shed a tear last night when I told him I was going to shave my Movember mustache. I asked him why and he said, “Because it’s awesome.” There is no doubt in the moments you know you’ve succeeded as a parent.

I told him his mother disagreed with his mustache stance and he would have to talk to her about it. “Call her,” he said. I was shocked at his decisiveness and that in his 5 years of life he had picked this particular topic to take a stand on. Who am I to judge? So I dialed and he pleaded to my wife’s voice-mail to retain his father’s facial hair. It was seven minutes of tears, made up facts, a diagram, and a promise that would never fly away. It was the best argument I have ever heard.

I told him that we would take a final picture so he would have a remembrance of my mustache. I also assured him that I would frame it and put it by his bed. It seems silly to promise something like that and not go through the simple actions of taking care of myself. My health doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone who loves and cares about me. That’s a hard truth to hear because it forces me to ask more of myself. To me, Movember is about raising that awareness so we can keep some great dads in their children’s lives.

The mustache is gone and I need to look for a frame.