5 Recipes for a Super Party

With the Super Bowl coming up, the entire world is scrambling for recipes that can be easy, fun and Super Yum. Have no fear! Just a Dad is here! We have compiled 5 of our recipes that are sure to be the hit of your party. Whether it’s for the Super Bowl or for any gathering of any sporting event. We are just a couple dads trying to help you out.

Here you go!

Guac money shot Pat’s Guaca – Guacamole
This recipe mixes hot and a little sweet to elevate your guac. Let’s be honest… What party doesn’t need guac? When it’s ready to serve, simply shout out, “Guaca – Guaca!”






Football Tortilla Pizza Football Tortilla Pizza
This super quick recipe is one that the kiddos will love. It was submitted to us from the 247 Community! Decorate any way you want, or better yet, let the kids decorate their own! (They couldn’t do much worse than we did.)






queso money shot Kepley Queso
True story. We survived on Kepley Queso in college. It was a treat then, and years later, it has been perfected into a Tex-Mexican essential. I’m having a flashback. And it’s good.






macncheese Pat’s Bacon Mac n Cheese
In the beginning, there was Mac n Cheese. Then, through a mixture of brilliance and the need for… Oh, who are we kidding? We had you at BACON.






Awesome Sauce Awesome Sauce
In layman’s terms, this is a sauce that can only be described as, “Awesome.” A single sauce to elevate any meal to a 5 star delicacy… What would you call it?






We hope you enjoy the Big Game. Or, any game for that matter. Or breakfast. All of these recipes have been Just a Dad Tested and Approved as breakfast. There are those flashbacks again.

Happy eating, friends!


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