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6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Dads

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for Dads to get creative and make some homemade gifts that have that extra special touch of appreciation. We understand that not everyone prefers going down the DIY route, so there are loads of gift ideas you could buy instead using online coupons from places like PromoCodeWatch. If however, you’d like to give the DIY gift a go, we’ve gathered some of the best posts from our fellow Dad Bloggers to give you some DIY gift ideas.


Mother’s Day Crafts: Eggceptionally Easy Tulip Garden

designerdaddyDad Blogger: Designer Daddy

If you have left over plastic eggs from Easter, Designer Daddy has a great way to recycle them instead of throwing them away. Here is a quick and easy craft that the kids can help with. Designer Daddy provides the easy steps and even a handy-dandy template for the “cutting-a-leaf-freehand-impaired.”


The Simplest, Easiest, Most Meaningful, Best Mother’s Day Gift Of All Time

dadcampDad Blogger: DadCAMP

A few weeks ago, DadCAMP’s wife dropped a gift hint by sharing a link to a great new Mother’s Day alternative to buying Hallmark cards each year. The idea was to create a Mom’s Book that can be used every year to would chronicle and preserve the “cards” from the kids. Read DadCAMP’s story and see his version of the Mom’s Book.

Wooden Photo Paperweight

cubeDad Blogger: Just a Dad 247

Pat, from Just a Dad 247, thought it might be a great idea to let his wife take their son’s face to work everyday. Actually, 6 of his faces, to be exact. He turned a wooden cube into a photo paperweight so that she can stare at his many faces during the day. Follow the steps to learn how to transfer photos to wood and bring a smile to mom’s face while she works.



Mommy’s Little Flowers : A Mother’s Day Craft

dadnchargeDad Blogger: DadNCharge

Making the obligatory breakfast is a good start on Mother’s Day, but DadNCharge has an idea to take it to the next level. Work with the kids to give mom flowers that will last forever. Check out DadNCharge for all the instructions and action shots with the kids.


Wine Cork Cell Phone Charging Station

corkDad Blogger: Just a Dad 247

If you have a cell phone that needs to be charged and you like to drink, Kepley from Just a Dad 247, offers a way to recycle old wine corks into a charging station to hide that outlet and cords. Check out the step-by-step instructions and wow your wife this Mother’s Day.




Mother’s Day home made gift, advance work

262Dad Blogger:26.2 with Toddler

Even though 26.2 with Toddler admits that he is “the opposite of craftsy,” he decided that this was the year to take on a craft/gift for Mother’s Day. With the help of his 5 year old, they made hand prints from ingredients in the house. Check out 26.2 with Toddler’s story and how his kid ends up teaching dad how to make the hand prints.



journal5Remember that Mom’s Book idea from DadCAMP? The idea was so great, Pat, at Just a Dad 247 had to make one as well! See another version of the Mom’s Book here.





We hope you enjoyed these DIY Mother’s Day ideas from the Dad Bloggers. Feel free to share your pictures with each blogger of your finished gifts!

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