Baby’s First Year in 60 Seconds


When The Starlet was born I wanted to do something extraordinary for her. Little did I know that the idea was utterly insane. My goal was to get video of her every single day for a year. Every. Single. Day. For a year. Then, I would put together a video with one second from every day. Every. Single. Day.

Getting a video every day for a year requires extreme commitment, a great memory, and an iPhone alarm set for the same time each day. In the end, I have hours of videos, two computer programs to edit with and a lifetime of memories captured in a 6 minute, 26 second video.

I love being able to relive the day of her birth, her first smile, first holidays, first rollover, first crawl, first food, first sour lemon, first step, and so many other memories (365 of them, to be exact) that to me, the dedication for over a year to complete it is simply priceless.

Above, is the 60 second version of the video. Every single day is in there, just sped up around the days that stuck out. Below, you have the entire version, all 365 days, with some amazing music. It starts with an acoustic song by my old friend, Sharif, and ends with a mix from an even older friend, DJ Prince Valium.

A year goes by too fast. Happy first birthday to my beautiful Starlet.


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