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robaxin 750 mgsA new podcast has landed into the podcasting world and it will save the lives and sanity of parents everywhere! Fortunately, I get to be a co-host of it with my Chicago Dad-brother, Eric, who blogs at robaxin mg. The podcast is called, “But Daddy Why?” We help answer those questions that kids MUST have answers to, but parents simply don’t have the answers for. We do the research and spin it into 20-30 minute podcast form.

Now that you’re sold and are wondering where you can send all of your money to, let me tell you this… robaxin mg dosage

huggies wipes

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I was invited to the inaugural Huggies Parents Council that was held in Chicago to discuss the controversy over robaxin and orgasm. There were a dozen fellow parent bloggers/influencers invited to bring concerns, comments, and/or criticism to the council and have a chance to speak directly to the brand. I saw this an awesome opportunity to represent the dad-voice to a major brand and to encourage more involvement of dads in marketing, research, and overall branding. What I didn’t expect was to realize that Huggies saved my marriage.

Before we get to the moment of clarity that made me go home and bombard my wife with huggies (really bad joke), let me give you a recap of what I learned. Before I went, I set up a poll to see how many of you used Huggies, how many heard about the controversy, what you did or would have done after hearing about the controversy, and if you had any specific concerns that you wanted me to bring to the brand.

I found it interesting that the majority of the people taking the survey said that they trusted the brand and either ignored the claim of glass in the wipes or would have researched the claim instead of simply halting use of the wipes immediately. That told me that parents see Huggies as a trusted brand. (Made me feel good about our choice in wipes, little did I know that it actually saved my marriage… more on that, soon.) oeder robaxin on line

huggies wipes

no perscription generic robaxin

In 2012, Huggies was challenged by the Dad Blogger world to change the depiction of fathers in their advertising campaign focusing on the “Ultimate Dad Test.” The short of it was that their diapers could withstand the test of, well… Dad. (*cue suspenseful piano music*)

The charge to robaxin no prescription should have nothing to do with the strength of a diaper was lead by Chris Routly who blogs at order robaxin on line Huggies responded quickly and actually remade their commercials from their “Dad Test” series of advertisements, “to make clear that it is the DIAPERS being tested, not the DADS.” Since then, they have the support of dads everywhere and have remained parent-centric in their advertising.

Recently, Huggies was in the news for purchase robaxin medication. Huggies performed independent testing and nonprescriptionrobaxin on their website confirming that “NO glass or fiberglass was present.”

Huggies has decided to take it a step further and create a Huggies Parent Panel for a roundtable discussion with the Huggies brand to hear parents’ questions, concerns and any insights that they want to share. They felt it was important to have a voice from the stay-at-home dad contingency and it was decreed, by the powers-that-be, to be me, you see.

how to order robaxin onlineOn Monday, October 5th, I will attend the Huggies Parent Council where I can bring concerns, comments, and/or criticism to the Huggies brand from the most important people in the world; parents. Please take a quick moment (seriously quick, like less than a minute) to buy robaxin otc. Are you concerned about the Huggies brand or about glass in their wipes? Let me know and when the council is over, I will update you on your concerns.

nuby bath toys

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When we received our very first shipment of products to review for robaxin otc usa, The Understudy and I saw the Octopus Floating Bath Toy and realized… it’s a game! We quickly practiced tossing the rings onto the tentacles and set a date for the World Championship of Octopus Bath Time Toss. It was going to be epic.

robaxin 500mg suppliers

The Understudy gets ready for the World Championship.

Before we get into the details of the World Championship, we want to tell you a little about this bath toy from Nuby. The first thing that I noticed was that it didn’t have the air hole that most floating bath toys have. You know, the one that gets water left in it and turns into a biology experiment within the belly of said toy? Yeh, that air hole. No air hole; no biology experiments for bath time which means we all survive to bathe another day. On top of that, the tentacles were super interesting to The Understudy and once we started throwing the 3 rings (a star, a circle, and a fish) onto the tentacles, we were hooked.

I’ll be honest, the ring toss aspect isn’t easy, especially the star. In fact, I had to spot The Understudy a few points in the World Championship just to give him a fighting chance. However, the little guy loves putting the rings onto the tentacles and exclaiming “I DID!” You can’t argue with that. robaxin high

robaxin no prescriptio

This is the first year of Just a Dad 247 and we learned a couple of things; people think licking a toilet seat is funny and even my blog buddy Pat can get on the will robaxin get you high. To celebrate this first year we decided to take a look back at our five most popular posts.

#5. robaxin canada– Pat and The Wife surprise their family with the announcement of their second child.

#4. robaxin 500mg over counter– Pat creates a Do-It-Yourself tree-bookcase for his first child. This is probably the best idea Pat has ever had.

nonprescription robaxin robaxin from candadian pharmacy

#howtodad cheerios

indian pharmacy robaxin

The times they are a changin’. The rise of the modern dad has been gradual until now. There are more and more people, publications, and corporations realizing that it’s awesome to be a dad and a market to be had. The most effective way to reach the masses and spread the good word has been through advertising. Kudos to the new Peanut Butter Cheerios for showing the power of dadvertising for social change in America with their #HowToDad.