Door Headboard IMG_0982[1] Part of my becoming a stay-at-home dad is to bring my wife’s Pinterest board to reality (I should have read the fine print). I am always looking for ways to appease my wife’s Restoration Hardware taste while keeping my Farm and Fleet budget. Continue reading

Book Clock

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Even as we move into the digital age, I hate throwing away old books. Especially if they have hard covers with nice artwork. One way to bring them back to relevance is to re-purpose them as clocks. It does not matter if the spine is bad or the edges are ripped, that’s called character. Generally, I look for kid-friendly material and I give them as newborn gifts to new parents. Continue reading

Growth Chart Ruler

When it comes to decorating for your little ones, there are a lot of things that make women say, “Oh, look, that’s so cute!” Then, there are a couple things that make them say, “Oh, wow! You made that? I’m so turned on right now.” I like to call that, “The Money Shot.” Take my word for it, a life size growth chart ruler is one of those easy DIY projects that gets you The Money Shot. It’s very inexpensive and you just need a couple minutes over a couple days and a couple beers if you please. Continue reading