I’m Getting a Brother

imgettingalittlebrotherTo keep up with the Joneses, I took pictures of my oldest son holding a sign to announce our second child. The original idea was to catch my perfect child smiling while holding my nearly illegible message.

It started out innocently enough. My wife ironed our two year old’s clothes and I promised him treats as I handed him the sign. He did not like the sign.

I reminded him about the treats. His response was the third picture in the sequence. I kept snapping pictures trying to make him laugh, clinging to the futile hope that he would become happy and blotch-free. 

I had a plan and two year old ruined it. It’s funny how comically dumb that statement is.

My wife and I looked at the pictures later and cracked up at some of the moments that we caught on film. Most of the pictures you see here are out of order, but the idea struck me to make a little joke out of it.

Why shouldn’t we revel in the successes and failures of our children? If I only show people perfect smiles and pressed pants, I’m hiding who my children really are. They cry, they scream, and they don’t listen. They also learn, they succeed and they make me laugh. They are imperfect little blessings that are trying their best in a world that is constantly changing.

I could say the same about my own life.

The announcement was well received and the originals are on my youngest son’s wall. Maybe someday they will appreciate it.

Twerking Intervention

In the 15 years I’ve known Pat, I’ve only caught him twerking once. That was enough.

Pat has known addiction in another area though. It’s tough to talk about, but we like to keep it out in the open. If I don’t remind him, he’ll regress and that is not acceptable from a real friend. I won’t let him go back to street corners to fulfill a needless passion. Pat. No More Cookies.

It’s a disease.

Originally on VH1.

The Movie, Need For Speed, Saved My Marriage

nfs2Need For Speed hits theaters on March 14, 2014. I was allowed to attend a pre-screening and provide a review for the new super blogger group, DAM Bloggers (Dad & Mom Bloggers). Little did I know that the movie would ultimately save my marriage. Allow me to explain…

When The Wife and I met, she was 26 and I was a few… I was some… I was several years older than her. I discovered quickly that there were a few roadblocks ahead of this relationship. She didn’t really know all of The Beatles’ names. She said she did, but I’m part Sicilian and Sicilians are great liars, the best in the world, and we know a lie when we see one. Continue reading

Let’s try this again…

Being a stay-at-home dad has many perks. There is one perk that I have been trying to take advantage of for a very long time.

My son just turned one and is very close to speaking his first word beyond “woof.” Even though he associates “Woof” with the dog, it is a sound, not a word, so it doesn’t count. I have spent countless weeks, days, hours, minutes trying to teach my son to make “Dada” his very first word. All is fair in love and war, and you can bet that if my wife was the one staying-at-home she’d be teaching him to say, “Mama.” This is my house (during the day), I get to make the rules. Those are the perks.

My only problem is that no matter what I do, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to this…

I have resorted to reading books to him using “Dada” as every word. I have entire conversations with him utilizing different inflections and tonality of “Dada.” I do an awesome rendition of Hey Jude using… you get the point.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have some more practicing to do.

Let’s try this again…

Meeting the Cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

catching fire

At midnight on March 7th, 2014, Walmart held The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD release parties in Elgin, IL. and Orange County, CA. and you can bet that the DAM Bloggers were there. The DAM Bloggers (Dad and Mom Bloggers) were represented with interviews from Pat Jacobs (Just a Dad 247) and Donna Biroczky (Dangerous Cupcake). Continue reading