The Dad Brothers

Pat and Kepley were two old college brothers from Chicago. Years later, in their 30-somethings, they found each other living 1,000 miles apart. Kepley has two kids and Pat just had his first. As Dads, they had new things to discuss and laugh at each other about. Then, they both became stay-at-home dads and their relationship changed entirely. They began sharing recipes, bragging about DIY projects and looking to each other for support in their mishaps, victories and blunders as stay-at-home dads. They realized, that even though they were so far apart in distance, they were not in this adventure alone. They were still brothers. They had become…

The Dad Brothers





No matter the task, like Dan and John, The Dad Brothers have it under control.

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IMG_3859I did not truly appreciate the differences between people until I had a second child. Rest assured that this important insight did not magically arrive due to superior parenting genes that allow me to potty train at twelve months or get them to eat broccoli because I “offered” it enough. I wish I had the parenting superpower that makes other parents experts in child care. While their kids are setting new standards for prodigies, my kids are taking off their diapers to Flashdance in their feces. Continue reading