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2 thoughts on “CONNECT!!!

  1. Sooo, my Just A Dad moment this weekend…I got a really, really, really good deal on a big load of wood for an idea I had. I wanted to build a cool fort and playhouse for my 14, 8, and 5 year old kids….and the other neighborhood kids too.

    On Saturday I rented a 15′ box truck to load the wood and get it home. I stuffed the rental truck full of various sized boards and 4×4 post. I only had to go 5 miles from wood pick up point to my house. After the first mile I felt the rental truck may have been loaded a little too much. After mile 2 that feeling got further in the pit of my stomach. I should have stopped and took some of the wood out.

    Mile 3 of 5 is when it happened….the rear axle and drive shaft broke….that’s right, the rear axle and drive shaft broke 2 miles from home. After what should have been a two hour load and drop off at home it took about 6 hours, two flatbed tow trucks and three close friends to get all the “really good deal” lumber to my house.

    The two truck drivers and my buddies kept laughing at me and ask 100 times what was I thinking???? I told them “I’m Just A Dad” that wanted to build his kids a really cool fort in the back yard…..

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