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Dave LesserDave Lesser, aka Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad, is a stay-at-home dad. No. Dave Lesser is a cool stay-at-home dad. No. Dave Lesser is quickly becoming a Rockstar of the Stay-at-home dad world. How else would you describe someone that two days ago was jumping over fire for his kids, yesterday he was battling moms on The Bethenny Show, today he’s published in TIME online and the same day is published by The Good Men Project. There. Case closed.




What’s with the name?

Dave loves those obstacle races & mud runs that have become pretty popular over the last couple years. It all began when he finished half of a Tough Mudder. He had to exit due to injury after slipping in the mud and landing on a rusty nail. (Those things have rusty nails as obstacles???) Not finishing the race made him want to do MORE. His wife thinks he’s an idiot. He was a lawyer, turned stay-at-home dad to two hilarious kids. His blog is all about “Doing dumb stuff to amuse my kids and myself.” Like any rockstar, you have to let the music speak for itself…

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5 Myths About Stay-at-Home Dads

After appearing on the nationally acclaimed day-time talk show, Bethanny… Stop. Go back. Did you read that correctly? That’s right, I said “nationally acclaimed” to describe “Bethanny.” Never thought you’d see that, huh? Anyway, after his appearance with some fellow stay-at-home dads, he felt compelled to write a follow up. Did I mention it was published in TIME? See? Rockstar.

Sorry Honey, Vivia Chen Thinks I Embarrass You

An article was published for Time Magazine called, “When Stay-at-Home Husbands are Embarrassing to Their Wives.” We’re not talking singing in the grocery store to the Jackson 5. Oh, no. Embarrassing like this… “We simply haven’t evolved to the point where a househusband is considered desirable.” Ouch. Well… Dave had a few things to say about that.

Stay At Home Dad: What Do You Do All Day!?!

It’s the question that, undoubtedly, every stay-at-home parent gets at some point in time. Well, after an apology from his wife after admitting there are times she wonders why more stuff doesn’t get done, the result was this. And, oh yeah, did I mention there’s a clip from Good Morning America about stay-at-home dads and you’ll never guess who the star of the piece is. Go on, guess. It’s Dave Lesser! I can’t believe you didn’t see that coming.

Please take the time to read Dave Lesser’s blog, Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad, and stop by his Facebook page and “Like” it. Tell him, “Large Marge, sent cha.” Oh, and keep in mind… Dave loves when people disagree with him. Have you read the one about him not giving a F*** if his kids curse?? What a D***.

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