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dotrIn my decision to become a stay-at-home dad, I searched for other fathers who had gone through the same thing. Naturally, the Beatles maniac that I am, when I ran across the blog name, “Dad on the Run”, it sang it’s siren song and luckily, for me, I listened. I was instantly drawn to his mastery of words, his skill of engagement, and his undeniable love for his children. That, dear readers, was my first experience with a stay-at-home blog, a dad blog or even a blog at all, and it gave me the confidence that I was looking for as a dad and as a future stay-at-home dad.


Who was that masked dad?
Dad on the Run is an anonymous blogger who goes by the name, “Eric,” from the land of “Chicago.” He is a proud, full-time father (aka… stay-at-home Dad) and Parenting Partner with his wife, “Vv” to their two children “J Bean” and “Link.” He says about the blog, “I imagine it being a place I can dwell on childhood through the eyes of my kids while reminiscing on my own, a place I can boast about my achievements as a husband and father or beat myself up over mistakes, a forum for second-guessing my decisions, bitching about the small stuff, and enjoying a laugh.” Simply put, Dad on the Run is a wordsmith. He has a way of waxing poetical and making words float in and out of sentences to paint a vision of what a dad can be.

Some of our favorite content:

Don’t Like Kids? How Very Childish.
A letter was slipped under his sister’s hotel room door at a kid friendly ski resort after their child cried a couple times through the night. Some call it parenting and chalk it up to kids being in an unfamiliar place or sick. Others say that kids should not be taken on vacations… at all. Well, Dad on the Run had something to say about that. “To The Person Who Left My Sister This Unbelievably Judgmental Letter,” was published by Huffington Post Parents and has been making the rounds all over the globe.

All in a Day’s Work…
At-home and at-work parents are not so different in this whimsical list about what happens in our daily work. The list, accompanied with photo illustrations, puts it all in perspective. “In the office, the copier is always broken. At home, the DVD player has a sandwich in it.” “You punch a clock. We punch the FedEx man in the throat for ringing the bell during nap.”

Minimize Me
Dad on the Run is pushing the boundaries of inventiveness. He has adopted a new style for himself he likes to refer to as, “Minimalism. As opposed to my obviously over verbose normal writing.” Instead of writing a normal blog entry, the wordsmith harkens back to the days of writing on paper and minimizing his time in front of electronics. After all, this is all about the kids and we are always dads first. Here are a few examples.

Minimize Me

Minimize Me

All Aboard

All Aboard










Run on over and follow Dad on the Run. Stop by his Facebook page and “Like” it. His every day musings of a stay-at-home father will get you running back for more. (See what I did there?)

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