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Bill PeeblesWhen we decided to start blogging, we didn’t want to jump in and learn how to swim. We wanted to wade in, test the water, check our surroundings then try to make a big splash. It all went exactly as planned (our moms loved it). We worked for over 9 months and came up with a name, a mission, and an arsenal of posts. A month before launch, we sent the blog to several people asking for feedback.

Bill Peebles is a stay-at-home dad blogger. Bill is known in the Dad Blogger world as a wise and sage-like man that offers amazing feedback on articles, giving honest criticism, and heartfelt praise. We wanted him to review our blog. We needed him to review our blog.

The feedback that Bill gave us was more than we ever expected. Somehow, he seemed to have read every bit of content we had. He dove deep into our souls as dads, as men, and as new-bloggers. He built us up, broke us down, reconstructed us, contorted us, and left us reeling with one thought. “Who was that masked man?” In the following days we scoured over everything. We liked what we were doing, but we needed an outside opinion of great proportion to point it where we needed to go. It was exactly what we needed and we are forever grateful to Bill Peebles.

In the following months, we found ourselves pulled further and further into his blog. The name alone, ihopeiwinatoaster, was intriguing. He explains it on the front page and everything becomes clear. “I encounter the strangest things in my life as a Stay-at-home-Dad. For instance a chant of ‘ihopeiwinatoaster, ihopeiwinatoaster’ floating up the basement steps.”

Within the blog we found that Bill used his muses, his twin sons, to write pure, heart-breaking poetry. His “twin boys concoct, devise, arrange, invent, write, say, imagine and dream the damndest things. Things that make me think and wonder. Ideas and themes that I may ponder for days after I encounter them. I’ll share some with you. My kids made me do this.”

Bill has a way of breaking your heart by describing the beauty of the creativity of his twin boys. Take a few examples of some our favorites. (Click on the title to read the blog.)

Near Requiem For Innocense

A heartbreaking look into the mind of a father reflecting on 9/11 and the realization that he will have to explain the world to his children. “So today, I will think of love. And with that on my heart I will consider the day that I have to really sit down with a child, and, of my own volition and with intent, I will break his heart.”

Tough Summer Break

A reflection on what to write about when your child breaks two bones, just above his wrist, at the start of the summer. “We all know this is coming, we parents and makers of men; we all know they will suffer the unfairness that life so brutally and arbitrarily throws our way. We get that.”

Memorise This Moment

A beautiful deconstruction of the songwriting duo that are his twin boys. “Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at their creativity, their preciousness, their souls. I choose to laugh most of the time, mostly because if I start to cry I don’t know when I might stop.”

Please take the time to read Bill Peebles’ blog, ihopeiwinatoaster, and stop by his Facebook page and like it. We most certainly do.

You will find that he is a master of the four words that serve him as his mission.

“Essential. Childhood. Nonsense. Explained.”

Like Bill says, thanks for stopping by today. Hey, we mean that…


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