Don’t Buy Another Mother’s Day Card



How great would it be to not buy another Mother’s Day card that will probably end up in a box, on a shelf, or (eek) in the trash? What if you could make something super simple and amazing that Mom can keep forever and look at any time with every single Mother’s Day “card” all in one place?

Make a Mother’s Day Journal! It’s so brilliant, there is no way we would have come up with it!


*Stickers or anything else you want to put on the cover and/or back
*Mod Podge (I like the antique)
*Foam brush


journal2*Decorate the cover with anything you want. I went with some Mother’s Day stickers from a craft store and letters so that I could spell out “Journal.”
*Using the foam brush, apply the Mod Podge liberally over the cover (be careful not to drip onto pages). This will make sure that everything is protected over time.
*Reapply 2-3 coats
*If you want, decorate the back and apply more Mod Podge.



journal6*Write a little note explaining what it is.
*Have the kids write their Mother’s Day wishes in the journal.
*Sit back and reap the benefits of being an awesome dad with an awesome idea!







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