Door Headboard


Part of my becoming a stay-at-home dad is to bring my wife’s Pinterest board to reality (I should have read the fine print). I am always looking for ways to appease my wife’s Restoration Hardware taste while keeping my Farm and Fleet budget. I often take inspiration from toildrop for my DIY projects too.

Door headboard supplies

1 jug of deck cleaner
1 canister of Tung Oil
1 canister of Mineral Spirits
1 can of stain
1 stain brush
1 200 sanding block
1 gallon pump sprayer
1 bristle scrubber
1 sander with 60 grit sandpaper
1 package of tack cloth
1 power washer

I got this for $10

I got this for $10


When picking out old wood pieces look for items with a lot of texture. If a piece has been painted I generally only get it if I intend to re-paint it. It saves a lot of time. I am not saying it can’t be done, I’m just sayin’.



DHB remove hardware 1DHB remove hardware 2DHB remove hardware 3DHB door support 1

DHB door support 2




Remove the hardware and set all of the pieces in an order, so it is easy to put them back on when you are done cleaning and staining. Take this time to secure any loose boards and fill any holes that need to be fixed. Now is also a good time to cut some scrap 2×4 boards into supports that you can mount the door flush to the wall.

DHB sanding 1DHB sanding 2DHB sanding 4DHB sanding 3




Now it’s time to sand. Start with the 60 grit paper using a palm sander. Don’t press too hard. You are not trying to take out all of the grooves that inclement weather has worn into the door. Sand down the uppermost layer to get the splinters and round sharp edges. You should be able to run your hand along it without getting splinters. Clean it and let it dry overnight.

DHB clean it

After it is dry, go back over the door with the 220 sanding block and sand smooth while leaving the aged texture. Vacuum and run tack cloth over the door and stain the wood per the instructions on the can. When you reach your desired color let it dry for 24 hours and then apply the Tung oil. The number of coats depends on the age of the wood and how dry it is. Good rule of thumb is two coats and stop doing coats after the oil is no longer soaking easily into the wood. After 24 hours, re-attach the hardware and Mount the door to the wall.IMG_1130IMG_1129





Now you’ve got a new headboard to try out.

Door Headboard

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