Iggy the Roomba


ThankfulMy wife and I got a Roomba. We call her Iggy because she’s so fancy.

Sure, I could just sweep the floor in a tenth of the time. Sure, I have to clean everything off, just so my robo-hoover can clean. And sure, it could be possible that I go out of my way not to put it back on it’s charging station, just so I can watch stumble around and find it’s way home.

In my life, I have never felt as lazy as when I cheered for a robotized hockey puck. I’m questioning if I should feel accomplished or ashamed that my wife and I bet on which dust pile would meet it’s demise next. I’m leaning towards accomplished.

We quickly realized we had precious few hours of Roomba excellence before our children discovered it and the large green button on top. At 6:30 the next morning I felt two presences attempting silence outside my door. I carefully donned my glasses and watched them creep to the glowing monolith with a sense of awe. They whispered and pushed their way to the decision that it must have been put there for them.

They pushed.

It chirped.

They perked.

It moved.

They froze.

I rose.

I called.

It spun.

“It’s Fun!”

They jumped.

It thumped.

It bumped…


They dashed.

And poor, poor Iggy…crashed.

With a bit of resuscitation, Iggy the Roomba was providing more entertainment than cleanliness, once again. They learned one more of the 100 berjillion things they should and should not do. So did I.

There are times I miss the days of having what I wanted, but with kids I appreciate every last little thing I have.

Iggy finds a home


What are some of the things your kids have broken, you never should have let them see in the first place? Tell us about it in the comments or tweet with the hashtag #MyKidsBrokeIt

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