Just a Dad 247- Best of 2014

This is the first year of Just a Dad 247 and we learned a couple of things; people think licking a toilet seat is funny and even my blog buddy Pat can get on the Today Show. To celebrate this first year we decided to take a look back at our five most popular posts.

#5. Pregnancy Announcement Shocks Parents– Pat and The Wife surprise their family with the announcement of their second child.

#4. Tree Bookshelf– Pat creates a Do-It-Yourself tree-bookcase for his first child. This is probably the best idea Pat has ever had.

tree-bookshelf caption

#3. Text Messages From My Baby– This is our most popular thing on Pinterest. Why you ask? Because people love cats and babies.

baby text - Text Messages From My Baby - text humor

baby text - Text Messages From My Baby - text humor

baby text - Text Messages From My Baby - text humor

#2. 5 Ways to Understand Your Stay-at-Home Spouse– Kepley’s perspective is that the experience of being a stay-at-home parent has nothing to do with gender.

“With the rise of stay-at-home dads, the conversation is moving away from “Should women work or stay home?” and is becoming “How can we be great parents?”  In order for any of these to work, we have to invest the time as partners to do whatever work is necessary to benefit our families.  Nobody changes, they only compromise.  Some of those compromises are easier to make than others, but the only way to truly love a person is to understand them and that can only be accomplished by trying.”

5 ways featured

#1. Stay-at-Home Dad Entices Wife With Digital Valentine– Kepley licks a toilet to prove his love and people go nuts. Thanks to How To Be a Dad for the bump.

Here at Just a Dad 247 we are about two things; making something great for our children to look back on and shamelessly doing what we can to connect other stay-at-home dads to resources that can make their lives a little bit easier. Thanks for checking us out and if you like what you see, share it with a friend and help us find some more dads.

If you know of a dad who is looking to get connected with other involved fathers, share our Map of Dad Groups with them.

map of dad groups

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