Lifehack: Cutting Cilantro (the easy way)

Lifehack Cilantro

Cilantro has such a fresh herb flavor and is a great compliment to rice any day of the week. You can use chopped cilantro for so many things. However, if you don’t have a sharp knife and some knife skills (the kind that keep you from losing a finger), then buying and using fresh cilantro can be intimidating. UNLESS!!! Unless, there was an EASY way to cut cilantro.

Thanks to my brother Drew for sharing this technique. And now, I share it with you.

cilantro2Obviously, you need some cilantro. Get a cup and some scissors and you’re all set.

Separate the leaves from the stem of the cilantro. The real flavor is in the leaves. Put the leaves into the glass. Don’t overfill the glass or shove the cilantro down. If you overstuff the glass, you will only bruise the cilantro while you cut it and it will end up wet and clumpy.


cilantro3Once the glass is mostly full, simply use the scissors to cut the cilantro. Repeat while trying to make sure you are getting all of the pieces. Be careful to not over-cut the the cilantro.

Your end result should be easily cut, little fuss, no finger-loss cilantro. You can use this same method for other leafy herbs as well like parsley and oregano.




Happy eating, my friend!


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