Melted Crayon Heart Valentines

Melted Crayon ValentinesIn preparation for Valentine’s Day, we received this great DIY project from the 247 Community. Lea Laschober discovered some tips and twists to help make Melted Crayon Heart Valentines a quick, fun project with the kids. Any parent knows that there are used, broken, mis-matched, half-eaten bits and pieces of crayons all over their house. You can find them in the junk drawer, the school supplies box at the end of the year, and in the bottoms of their school bags. They’re everywhere. You can not only repurpose ALL of those old crayons, you can also get the kids excited to search for bits and pieces all over the house. Now that’s using your resources!

Thanks to Lea, Josie, Rollie and Alayna for this great tutorial!


Valentine ingredientsCrayons (must use Crayola, other brands will not melt correctly)
Red & White Heavy Card Stock (65 lb or higher)
Template – full sheet *optional
Glue Stick
Hot Plate
Thin Towel
Cookie Sheet lined with Tin Foil
Silicone Cupcake/Muffin Molds

Cut the red card stock into 4 even pieces. Then, cut the white card stock into slightly smaller pieces so that the red will create a border. Write your Valentine messages leaving space for the heart in the center. You can also download and use the PDF template provided which has hashmarks for cutting and you can even type in your own Valentine messages. Once you have enough red and white cards, use the glue stick to paste them together.

couch crayonStep One:
Find all of the crayons in your house. Look under the couch and between the cushions! Once you have found them all and cleaned the disaster under your couch, you need to peel all the paper off of each one.


The kids and I spent 2+ hours one night peeling crayons by hand. They lost interest quickly and became very antsy. I searched the web for a better way and learned to soak the crayons in hot tap water for 10 mins (not boiling hot water because crayons will melt). You will notice the paper comes off most of the crayons with little to no effort at all.

Peeling crayons is fun??

Peeling crayons is fun??

Soak them in water.

Soak them in water.

Peeling crayons IS fun!! (Well played, Rollie. Well played.)

Peeling crayons IS fun!! (Well played, Rollie. Well played.)

Step Two:
Score the crayons with a knife into 1/2 inch-ish pieces (kids can use a butter knife) and break crayons at the score marks. Scoring the crayons makes it easier on your fingers when breaking the crayons. Another method an adult can do is to use a kitchen knife and cutting board and chop all the crayons.

filling cupsStep Three:
Fill the cups. Be creative! We had lots of fun sorting colors and creating varieties of color palettes. Sunsets with orange yellow and red, the Earth with blue and green, camouflage with browns, grays, whites and greens, the sky with blues and whites, rainbow ones, and the typical pink red and white ones.


crayon stepsStep Four:
Preheat the oven to 320 degrees. Put the cups on a cookie sheet and place in the oven until the crayons are just melted. (The colors will blend too much if you bake them too long.) They should take around 11-12 minutes. Remove them carefully (try not to slosh the liquid around too much) and let them cool. Once they are cool, peel them from the cups and… you have some hearts!


heart applyStep Five:
Place the thin towel on the hot plate (to avoid getting melted crayon on the hot plate) and place the card directly on top. Then, place the heart in the center and apply pressure until the heart melts to the card. You will have a little run off on the sides, but we found this the best way to attach the hearts to the cards.


rollie's twistRollie’s Twist:
Cut out a heart shaped template with the card stock. (Keep it simple, fold the card stock in half, cut out a half heart… you know the drill.) Tape the template to the red & white card, and place the card directly on the towel on the hotplate. Then, let the kids have fun placing crayons directly onto the open space creating their own mosaic heart designs.


In the end, you have some really awesome homemade Valentines Day cards, the kids got to do a fun project, you repurposed all of the old crayons in your house AND that area under your couch is super clean!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

crayon heartfinal valentinemosaic heart


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