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parent bloggerAs a stay-at-home dad, it is my job to be the primary caregiver for our family. I buy the groceries, take the kids to doctor appointments, and do the shopping for our kid products. In August, I was shopping for new toddler plates and found the perfect ones from Nuby. The only problem was that the packaging told me they were, “Designed to make feeding fun for baby & easier for mom.” I set them back on the shelf. If a product or a service isn’t gender specific, why should it be branded and advertised as such?

Let’s be clear. Moms aren’t the only parents that feed their babies. Dads feed babies. Grandparents feed babies. We’re all caregivers, right? I wanted the plates, but didn’t buy them. Instead, I tweeted a picture to Nuby and asked if they had any that made it “easier for parents.” I mean, after all, I’m a dad and I need these too. I don’t like being considered something that I’m not just because I care for my kids and I know I’m not the only one.

Nuby responded immediately and what they said came as a welcome surprise. They apologized and said, “we value feedback & changes are being made to pkg today.” How awesome is that?! They even reached out to me personally and asked what other ideas I may have to reflect this change. The obvious answer was to change the name of their Nuby Mom Bloggers program.

Too many companies still use gender specific branding for services and products that are not gender specific. Jiff is still for “Choosy Moms,” Chick-fil-A has “Mommy Valet,” and Amazon uses “Amazon Mom” for their Prime membership program even though it is Amazon Family in every other country they service. Do I have to be a mom to feed my kids, or to get a 20% discount on diapers online, or to buy a plate for my toddler? Unfortunately, even in this day and age of the active, modern dad and modern parenting, this type of branding is still the norm.

In a world of companies that dismiss “Politically Correct” suggestions, Nuby changed the packaging and became a voice in the age of Modern Parenting. Credit where credit is due, Nuby broke the norm.

Recently, they also changed their Nuby Mom Bloggers program to Nuby Parent Bloggers and this week they will announce their first dad to join the Nuby Parent Blogger Team.

***Spolier Alert***
It’s me. That’s right. I use Nuby products, I buy Nuby products, and now I get to be a part of the Nuby team that can break the mold and acknowledge that this is 2015 and that “Parent” is the new black. So be on the lookout for some awesome reviews of some awesome Nuby products. And explosions. That’s what reviews need these days, are explosions.

Oh yeah, I went back and bought those plates. And you know what, they do make it easier for parents. And my toddler loves them.

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