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Octopus Bath Time Toss : Nuby Review

nuby bath toys

When we received our very first shipment of products to review for Nuby Parent Bloggers, The Understudy and I saw the Octopus Floating Bath Toy and realized… it’s a game! We quickly practiced tossing the rings onto the tentacles and set a date for the World Championship of Octopus Bath Time Toss. It was going to be epic.

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The Understudy gets ready for the World Championship.

Before we get into the details of the World Championship, we want to tell you a little about this bath toy from Nuby. The first thing that I noticed was that it didn’t have the air hole that most floating bath toys have. You know, the one that gets water left in it and turns into a biology experiment within the belly of said toy? Yeh, that air hole. No air hole; no biology experiments for bath time which means we all survive to bathe another day. On top of that, the tentacles were super interesting to The Understudy and once we started throwing the 3 rings (a star, a circle, and a fish) onto the tentacles, we were hooked.

I’ll be honest, the ring toss aspect isn’t easy, especially the star. In fact, I had to spot The Understudy a few points in the World Championship just to give him a fighting chance. However, the little guy loves putting the rings onto the tentacles and exclaiming “I DID!” You can’t argue with that.

I can easily see the Floating Octopus maintaining its entertainment value with The Understudy (2 years) for a very long time. The bright colors are already drawing the attention of The Starlet (6 months) and you can tell she is planning her rise in the ranks so she can challenge the World Champion of the Octopus Bath Time Toss.

nuby bath toys

In the end, we all really enjoy the Octopus Bath Time Toss. It works, it’s clean, it’s fun, and The Understudy has decided that it’s the perfect toy to bring to his swim class. It’s motivating him to kick his legs to try and get closer to the Octopus so he can put the rings on it. So if you’re looking for a great toy that can be fun for you and the kids, try this one. We recommend it.

nuby bath toy

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The result of the World Championship of Octopus Bath Time Toss. As a good, just and fair dad, I spotted The Understudy 7 points. I wanted him to have a fighting chance against me. Regardless of my amazing generosity, let’s just say the kid wasn’t happy with the result. I, on the other hand, will be ordering my Championship Belt tonight and plan on wearing it during bath time every night so I can remind The Understudy of how I am the World Champion. *Rumors of me practicing my ring toss skills while The Understudy napped are simply unsubstantiated and will never be proven in a court of law. I won. Plain and simple. Maybe next time, kid.

nuby octopus

Features and Specifications
Octopus Floating Bath Toy
18 months +
Floats in water
Helps develop hand-eye coordination
Fun colors and shapes stimulate the senses
Includes 3 rings to toss and fit onto the Octopus arms

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Nuby™ Octopus Bath Time Toss at Bed Bath & Beyond

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