Reset Button

super mario newspaper headlinesI am the greatest Super Mario Bros. player in the world. Seriously. I never let go of the speed button. I can walk through a wall to get to the negative world. I can accumulate so many extra lives, that the number is represented by blocks of ice. Now that you’re convinced that I’m the greatest Italian Stallion plumber with a killer mustache, I’ll tell you how I got there.

I hit the reset button. A lot.

In my daily playing to become the greatest in the world, I had to set high standards. If I didn’t get the first set of coins and blocks, kill the Goomba and get big with the mushroom all within a few simple jumps, I hit the reset button. When I practiced slapping the turtle around in 3-1 to get all the extra lives, I hit the reset button. If I did not save the Princess without warping OR dying, I hit the reset button. I hit the reset button a lot. And that was ok. It made me the greatest player in the world.

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