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mothers day gift diy

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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for Dads to get creative and make some homemade gifts that have that extra special touch of appreciation. We gathered some of the best posts from our fellow Dad Bloggers to give you some DIY gift ideas.


robaxin mg dosage

robaxin mg doseDad Blogger: Robaxin online

If you have left over plastic eggs from Easter, Designer Daddy has a great way to recycle them instead of throwing them away. Here is a quick and easy craft that the kids can help with. Designer Daddy provides the easy Robaxin uk for the “cutting-a-leaf-freehand-impaired.”


Robaxin us

Robaxin usaDad Blogger: order robaxin online

A few weeks ago, DadCAMP’s wife dropped a gift hint by sharing a link to a great new Mother’s Day alternative to buying Hallmark cards each year. The idea was to create a Mom’s Book that can be used every year to would chronicle and preserve the “cards” from the kids. Read DadCAMP’s robaxin without a script of the Mom’s Book.

robaxin italiano

robaxin online canada

robaxin online


How great would it be to not buy another Mother’s Day card that will probably end up in a box, on a shelf, or (eek) in the trash? What if you could make something super simple and amazing that Mom can keep forever and look at any time with every single Mother’s Day “card” all in one place?

Make a Mother’s Day Journal! It’s so brilliant, there is robaxin


robaxin no prescription*Journal
*Stickers or anything else you want to put on the cover and/or back
*Mod Podge (I like the antique)
*Foam brush

order robaxin on line

can a senior buy robaxin

robaxin 500mg online

Do you have a cell phone that needs to be charged and like to drink?  If you answered yes, then I have the project for you. I made the one you see above for my wife on her last birthday. She had been saving wine corks for years, writing the date we drank it and the event it was for in permanent marker. She got tired of the cords and wires on the kitchen counter, so I decided to put the evidence of our love for wine on display robaxin otc usa

robaxin no prescriptio

will robaxin get you high

As a stay-at-home dad, I often send cute pictures to The Wife while she’s at work. After hearing her say, “I miss that face,” so many times, I thought she should have many of his faces at work. So, I got a small wood cube from a craft store and transferred some photos of his face onto each side. Then, while she’s at work, she can turn the cube around and see six of his faces. robaxin canada

robaxin 750

Somewhere around the year 1995, there existed a band that planned to take over the world. An acid rock band made up of misfit high school students that called themselves, “The Fat Bastards.” I saw them “practice” a couple times. They were very good… at being proud of their band. Let’s be honest, it is possible that they were the worst band in the history of high school bands. I don’t know, and who am I to judge? After all, I think that we here at Just a Dad 247 are the funniest dad bloggers to ever live. Is it possible we are the worst dad bloggers in the history of dad bloggers? You be the judge.

What I do know is this… those guys, those “Fat Bastards,” they grew up. And they are all still friends. And now, they have kids. And they are some of the best kid-picture-chroniclers to ever live. Some of the band members have allowed us exclusive permission into their vault of kid pics, where we may pick and choose the hidden gems to release upon the world. Therefore, Just a Dad 247 is proud to present, the “Fat Bastards” vault of kid pics.

high off robaxin

robaxin get you high

And this, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may be the only surviving picture of the infamous “Fat Bastards.”

does robaxin require an rx in canada

Stay tuned for more gems from the “Fat Bastards” vault of kid pics.

buy robaxin 750 mg

Everyone told me that one of the biggest kicks I would get out of having a kid was documenting their reactions to new foods. I have a tendancy to be a bit compulsive (is that possible?) and videoed every single new food that The Understudy ate. Every time the result was the same; no reaction, no funny face. Peas, avocados, sweet potatoes, zucchini… nothing.

I was certain that I would put together a greatest-hits video and be instantly famous. And every time, The Understudy looked at me as if to say, “Is that it? That all you got? Am I here to amuse you?”

Then, I decided to up my game. I got my phone ready, I convinced The Wife that he wouldn’t be harmed in the making of the video, and with a grin on my face and a hint of victory in my eyes, I gave The Understudy a lemon. A LEMON! Why didn’t I think of this before!?! Victory was sure to be mine.

Then, he ate two slices of Lemon and made the sign for more.

The Understudy: 17

Daddy: 0

Why couldn’t it have just been like this?


This is the face of mockery.

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