Pat’s Bacon Mac n Cheese


It’s true what they say, “You are what you eat.” Therefore, I give you, Pat’s Bacon Mac n Cheese. Not much is better than bacon, of course, excluding the kid and the wife. This is an easy crock pot recipe I like to throw together for The Wife and me. It makes enough to have leftovers for one or two of the lunches during the week that I’ll pack for her, AND, it still leaves me with plenty of Bacon Mac Yum Yum any time I want. I like to call that, heaven. The recipe doesn’t take long to put together, and it cooks in the crock pot for 4 hours. In the end, you’ve made bacon, you’re crock potting bacon and your house smells of… Diapers and Bacon. Hey, it could be worse.



16oz Macaroni
8oz Bacon
8oz Colby Jack cheese cubed
8oz Cheddar cheese cubed
8oz Parmesan cheese shredded
16oz Velveeta cheese cubed
6tbsp Butter in slices
16oz Milk

*The first thing you should do is get your bacon cooked. About 6 slices should be good, unless you want to make seven. Hey, a chef should always taste their food. Especially bacon. Once the bacon is done, let it cool on the side so it will get a bit crisp.
*While you are cooking your Macaroni, get your cheese cut into cubes. Don’t make it difficult. Size doesn’t matter.
*Once your bacon has cooled a bit, cut it into generous sizes. (I like a big taste of bacon in my Mac.)
*Don’t forget to drain your patsa, Amelia Bedelia.


*Lightly spray your crock pot with non-stick spray.
*Layer 1/3 of the macaroni, cheese, butter and bacon into the crockpot.
*Add Salt-n-Pepa to taste. (Don’t taste it, just add how much you think you’ll like.)
*Layer another 1/3 of the ingredients & Salt-n-Pepa.
*Rinse, wash, repeat with the rest of the macaroni, cheese and butter. (Don’t rinse or wash. I’m trying to be funny and it isn’t working.)



bacon mac 3
*Pour the milk over the top of everything.
*Turn you crock pot on Low, cover it and walk away.

**You are going to let it sit for 4 hours total. If you are home, stir halfway through the cooking time.





***If you want an extra special treat, turn the temp up to high at the 2 hour mark when you stir.
What you will get is what the BBQ world likes to call “Burnt Ends.” The cheese will burn onto the sides of the crock pot. At the end, scrape those off and stir them into the Bacon Mac n Cheese. Just like in BBQ, the Burnt Mac Ends are coveted by the most serious of Mac eaters. They are amazing little treats that your family will drool over like Homer.

Happy eating, my friend!
~Variations to Pat’s Bacon Mac n Cheese~

*Cheeses – There are so many cheeses in the world. Try them all! I will say… The velveeta is important for the creaminess. And like they always say, “Chedda makes it bedda.”
*Vegetarian – No problem! Just don’t add the bacon. Mmmmmmm… Sundried Tomatoes!
*Mexican – Mmmmmmm… Chorizo! I think I’ll try this next! Chorizo is the second best meat, next to bacon.
*Italian – Mmmmmmm… Prosciutto! Madone! Chunks of Proshut. Better than bacon! fuhgeddaboutit.

If you have some variations that you’ve tried, please share! If you wanna chime in on the Bacon vs Prosciutto debate, say sumthin’, badaboom badabing, we can talk it ovah.


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