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Being a stay-at-home dad has many perks. There is one perk that I have been trying to take advantage of for a very long time.

My son just turned one and is very close to speaking his first word beyond “woof.” Even though he associates “Woof” with the dog, it is a sound, not a word, so it doesn’t count. I have spent countless weeks, days, hours, minutes trying to teach my son to make “Dada” his very first word. All is fair in love and war, and you can bet that if my wife was the one staying-at-home she’d be teaching him to say, “Mama.” This is my house (during the day), I get to make the rules. Those are the perks.

My only problem is that no matter what I do, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to this…

I have resorted to reading books to him using “Dada” as every word. I have entire conversations with him utilizing different inflections and tonality of “Dada.” I do an awesome rendition of Hey Jude using… you get the point.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have some more practicing to do.

Let’s try this again…

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Kepley and I became buddies in college. We sat next to each other during a play and proceeded to make fun of it’s incredible awfulness. We had the exact same type of humor and Kepley offered to buy me pizza. I do not turn down free food, especially in college, so I kept the idiotic discussion going. As long as it’s not Ramen noodles, I’m in.

Years later we found ourselves staying up late and playing Contra on the NES. All. Night. Long.

Several years later, after college, I went to a place to sell back my Nintendo’s (plural) and all of my games. I got maybe $15 for one NES. I was hard up for money. When it came time to sell the other one… I couldn’t do it. I still have it. It works. And, I kept a couple games. And when the time comes, Kepley and I will sit down, together, and teach our children how to play Contra. But first…. they’ll need the code.

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