Dad Blog: Dad on the Run

dotrIn my decision to become a stay-at-home dad, I searched for other fathers who had gone through the same thing. Naturally, the Beatles maniac that I am, when I ran across the blog name, “Dad on the Run”, it sang it’s siren song and luckily, for me, I listened. I was instantly drawn to his mastery of words, his skill of engagement, and his undeniable love for his children. That, dear readers, was my first experience with a stay-at-home blog, a dad blog or even a blog at all, and it gave me the confidence that I was looking for as a dad and as a future stay-at-home dad.


Who was that masked dad?
Dad on the Run is an anonymous blogger who goes by the name, “Eric,” from the land of “Chicago.” He is a proud, full-time father (aka… stay-at-home Dad) and Parenting Partner with his wife, “Vv” to their two children “J Bean” and “Link.” He says about the blog, “I imagine it being a place I can dwell on childhood through the eyes of my kids while reminiscing on my own, a place I can boast about my achievements as a husband and father or beat myself up over mistakes, a forum for second-guessing my decisions, bitching about the small stuff, and enjoying a laugh.” Simply put, Dad on the Run is a wordsmith. He has a way of waxing poetical and making words float in and out of sentences to paint a vision of what a dad can be.

Some of our favorite content:

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Dad Blog: Raised by My Daughter

dad hug blogNeal Call, aka Raised by My Daughter, takes the philosophical musings of a hundred dad bloggers and boils them down to a single frame of a stick figure comic.  He usually stays pretty focused on his own navel, writing about his experiences as a dad and doesn’t spend a lot of time critiquing society or offering calls to action. Yet, Neal can turn a mundane hike into a thoughtful reminder of the simple truths in which we should find happiness. There is no doubt why he is one of Babble’s Top 100 Parent Bloggers. He is the xkcd of the dad blogging world, daring us to look into the small moments of our lives to find the meaning of life and parenthood.



How does his daughter raise him?

Every parent can relate to this, “She wavers between a matter-of-fact confidence in the rituals of her life, and a resilient acceptance of mystery and change.”  In a time when societal norms for girls are being challenged you will find Neal Call on the forefront cheering for his daughter, “MY PIRATE IS GOING TO PLUNDER YOUR PRINCESS!!!

Some of our favorite content:
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Dad Blog: Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad

Dave LesserDave Lesser, aka Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad, is a stay-at-home dad. No. Dave Lesser is a cool stay-at-home dad. No. Dave Lesser is quickly becoming a Rockstar of the Stay-at-home dad world. How else would you describe someone that two days ago was jumping over fire for his kids, yesterday he was battling moms on The Bethenny Show, today he’s published in TIME online and the same day is published by The Good Men Project. There. Case closed. Continue reading

Dad Blog: ihopeiwinatoaster

Bill PeeblesWhen we decided to start blogging, we didn’t want to jump in and learn how to swim. We wanted to wade in, test the water, check our surroundings then try to make a big splash. It all went exactly as planned (our moms loved it). We worked for over 9 months and came up with a name, a mission, and an arsenal of posts. A month before launch, we sent the blog to several people asking for feedback.

Bill Peebles is a stay-at-home dad blogger. Bill is known in the Dad Blogger world as a wise and sage-like man that offers amazing feedback on articles, giving honest criticism, and heartfelt praise. We wanted him to review our blog. We needed him to review our blog.

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