The Dad Brothers Make a Resolution

The Dad Brothers Make a Resolution

Resolution: an answer or solution to something.

I have never really understood why we make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Then again, I have quit more things than I have succeeded at.

According to commercials, resolutions are the answers to our lives. If I spend less, work out more, enjoy life to the fullest, and finally organize my movie collection in order of most explosions to least, then I will truly be accomplished. Only then will I have something to put my self-worth into, which will finally make me happy. Well, at least until February when I bring a doughnut on the treadmill with me. Continue reading

The Dad Brothers Build a Crib


The Dad Brothers Build a Crib

Only thing as good as having a child of your own is when someone close to you has one. All of the snuggles with none of the teething diapers.  I call that a Win/Win.

Pat is about to have a new baby girl grace his life. I can’t decide whether to envy or pity him. I think, “Who wouldn’t want a wonderful little girl that melts your heart like a Snickers in an Easy Bake Oven?” Then I ask myself, “Do I want to ask my wonderful little girl why the hem of her shorts is residing in Antarctica?” Like having Pat for a friend, it’s a blessing and a curse. Continue reading

The Dad Brothers Go For a Walk

The Dad Brothers Go For a Walk

A nice walk outside has never failed to teach me something about life. Sometimes I learn a new little nuance of the world. Other times I learn that if you let your guard down, your two year old will choke you for fun while your hands are occupied tying their shoes.

Everyone needs to go for a “walk” sometimes and get away from the responsibilities that nag at us in the daily grind. Pat and I go on a yearly vacation with the four guys we lived with in college. We bicker and we moan and we love every moment of it. Why else would we keep doing it?

For a couple of days, the Dad Brothers are a plane ride away from their children and pretending they’re the same age as when they met. Meanwhile, Pat is wheezing up stairs and I am complaining about the restaurant booth hurting my back. Needless to say, we were the life of the party.

In college, we strove to be the life of the party. No one wanted to be the first one to go to sleep. Now, I want to take a nap and tell my pride to get back with me when I wake up. Having never been to Denver, CO., we were warned to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. I knew Pat would do neither of these things, so I nagged him relentlessly because he sweats like a shower and listens like my two year old.

I tease because I care.

Pat did great the first two days. On the third day, we got roasted in the bleachers of a baseball game. Our buddy Miller noticed Pat slumping. Since fake fainting resides in Pat’s comedy arsenal, we told him it wasn’t believable and to stop messing around. He did not answer. Pat was never that good of an actor.

When the paramedic told us how low his blood pressure was, I feared for my friend’s life. I didn’t care that my friend had not listened to me, I cared only that he was alright. Continue reading

The Dad Brothers Do Spring Cleaning

The Dad Brothers Do Spring CleaningApril is known for showers and when it rains, it pours. In the past week Pat and I have collectively had an immobilizing strained back muscle, a meltdown on an airplane, Mimi dislocating her shoulder, a pee catastrophe in the airplane bathroom, my stupid cat ran away, and good friends of the family lost their 26 y/o child. When it rains…

Sometimes we’ve got to clean out the cobwebs. Priorities are the base of our best existence, should we not check occasionally where they are at? It’s tough for me to turn the light on myself, but thankfully, I’ve got a Dad Brother to do that with. I guess I’m looking at spring cleaning as more than a mop this year.

There is nothing wrong with admitting your own faults. Look at Pat. He’s wrong almost all the time and I’m still friends with him. In fact, that’s why old friends are so great to keep in our lives. They see the person you have been and the person you are trying to be. They take the good. They take the bad. They take them both and there you have…the facts of life. Continue reading

The Dad Brothers Make a Castle


There are no hurt feelings between old friends.

Pat and I go back, not “way”, but back. We have seen the best and the worst of each other and we don’t care too much about either.

During college we lived in a house that was called, “The Castle” with four other guys. Pat would occasionally stumble into the kitchen to find me dipping my breakfast waffles into a tub of mayonnaise.  A smaller person would find that humiliating, but I have seen Pat without a beard and it comforts me.

We complain, we laugh, and we get on with it. Why bother to be upset because you find different things funny or interesting?

Our longest running argument is about which murder-mystery comedy is better, Murder by Death or Clue. One of us is right and the other’s name is Pat. It doesn’t matter who is right, we’d rather be friends than be pissed over such an obvious opinion.

Castles get built up and torn down for many reasons. For us, we revel in the ones we’ve made, mourn the ones that crumble, and always look for new ones to build.

In “The Castle” we were brothers. Now, as Dad Brothers, we are building new ones.


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Learn more about The Dad Brothers


 **The Dad Brothers would like to thank Dan and John for inspiration, and Jason Miller for the photography and editing.**

A Bag Full Of Diapers

dad brothers hood

Pat: It’s got a cop motor, a four hundred and forty cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks, it’s a model made before catalytic converters, so it’ll run good on regular gas. What do you say? Is it the new Dadsmobile or what?

Kepley: You did all that to a minivan? Why would a minivan need cop ANYTHING?

Pat: It’s 7 miles to the park, there’s an hour ’til naptime, we’ve got a minivan full of kids, and we’re wearing suits.

Kepley: Hit it.

Learn more about The Dad Brothers

Learn more about The Dad Brothers

The Dad Brothers

Pat and Kepley were two old college brothers from Chicago. Years later, in their 30-somethings, they found each other living 1,000 miles apart. Kepley has two kids and Pat just had his first. As Dads, they had new things to discuss and laugh at each other about. Then, they both became stay-at-home dads and their relationship changed entirely. They began sharing recipes, bragging about DIY projects and looking to each other for support in their mishaps, victories and blunders as stay-at-home dads. They realized, that even though they were so far apart in distance, they were not in this adventure alone. They were still brothers. They had become…

The Dad Brothers





No matter the task, like Dan and John, The Dad Brothers have it under control.

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