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How great would it be to not buy another Mother’s Day card that will probably end up in a box, on a shelf, or (eek) in the trash? What if you could make something super simple and amazing that Mom can keep forever and look at any time with every single Mother’s Day “card” all in one place?

Make a Mother’s Day Journal! It’s so brilliant, there is robaxin italiano


robaxin and orgasm*Journal
*Stickers or anything else you want to put on the cover and/or back
*Mod Podge (I like the antique)
*Foam brush

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As a stay-at-home dad, I often send cute pictures to The Wife while she’s at work. After hearing her say, “I miss that face,” so many times, I thought she should have many of his faces at work. So, I got a small wood cube from a craft store and transferred some photos of his face onto each side. Then, while she’s at work, she can turn the cube around and see six of his faces. purchase robaxin medication