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Valentine’s Day is coming and you need to figure out what you are doing, where you are doing it, and who it is you need to buy a bear that “Wuvs Kisses” for. No pressure. It’s just your future and everlasting happiness at stake, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. My wife and I met on a train at 5:00 am in downtown Chicago. She was on her way to her first day of work in a new city and I was coming home from drinking. Ten years of marriage later, people ask me how I knew she was “The One.” I tell them there is no such thing as “The One.” You meet many “Ones” throughout your life and when you are in the right place and they are in the right place, you’ve got a shot. I will say this; love is the most important thing you can ever find. When you go looking for the perfect Valentine, know what you are looking for.

Don’t waste time-

A wise woman once told me about dating in the 1940’s, “If you went on three dates, you were getting married.” In my dating days, I could barely decide on a restaurant for three dates. She went on to say, “I never turned down a date. The first date was social, the second was to lay out what was important to us, and if he made it to third date I wanted to do something else with him, so we were getting married.” It may not be as simple as it was in the old days, but there is something to be learned from the past.

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This is the first year of Just a Dad 247 and we learned a couple of things; people think licking a toilet seat is funny and even my blog buddy Pat can get on the robaxin without a script. To celebrate this first year we decided to take a look back at our five most popular posts.

#5. robaxin italiano– Pat and The Wife surprise their family with the announcement of their second child.

#4. robaxin and orgasm– Pat creates a Do-It-Yourself tree-bookcase for his first child. This is probably the best idea Pat has ever had.

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Resolution: an answer or solution to something.

I have never really understood why we make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Then again, I have quit more things than I have succeeded at.

According to commercials, resolutions are the answers to our lives. If I spend less, work out more, enjoy life to the fullest, and finally organize my movie collection in order of most explosions to least, then I will truly be accomplished. Only then will I have something to put my self-worth into, which will finally make me happy. Well, at least until February when I bring a doughnut on the treadmill with me. how to order robaxin online

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robaxin highMy older son shed a tear last night when I told him I was going to shave my Movember mustache. I asked him why and he said, “Because it’s awesome.” There is no doubt in the moments you know you’ve succeeded as a parent.

I told him his mother disagreed with his mustache stance and he would have to talk to her about it. “Call her,” he said. I was shocked at his decisiveness and that in his 5 years of life he had picked this particular topic to take a stand on. Who am I to judge? So I dialed and he pleaded to my wife’s voice-mail to retain his father’s facial hair. It was seven minutes of tears, made up facts, a diagram, and a promise that would never fly away. It was the best argument I have ever heard.

I told him that we would take a final picture so he would have a remembrance of my mustache. I also assured him that I would frame it and put it by his bed. It seems silly to promise something like that and not go through the simple actions of taking care of myself. My health doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone who loves and cares about me. That’s a hard truth to hear because it forces me to ask more of myself. To me, Movember is about raising that awareness so we can keep some great dads in their children’s lives.

The mustache is gone and I need to look for a frame.

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Only thing as good as having a child of your own is when someone close to you has one. All of the snuggles with none of the teething diapers.  I call that a Win/Win.

Pat is about to have a new baby girl grace his life. I can’t decide whether to envy or pity him. I think, “Who wouldn’t want a wonderful little girl that melts your heart like a Snickers in an Easy Bake Oven?” Then I ask myself, “Do I want to ask my wonderful little girl why the hem of her shorts is residing in Antarctica?” Like having Pat for a friend, it’s a blessing and a curse. robaxin 500mg over counter

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indian pharmacy robaxinMy youngest son has been going through a “phase.” I don’t know when these things start or if they ever end, but whenever this one feels like ending it’s welcome, too.

My wife and I were on our porch the other night speculating about the many reasons why our 2 y/o was acting like such a child. I generally blame teething and will continue to do so in to his teens. As if on cue, we hear the piercing scream of our youngest child. It was not the “I’m trying to get your attention” cry, it was a full on “My life in danger parents, assist me!”

We rushed to his room to find a hysterical mess. He sobbed as we asked repeatedly, “What is wrong?” We encouraged him to use his words, but then he began to wretch. We have rushed our children to the bathroom enough times to look like a well-oiled machine. We made it to the toilet puke-free and began the parent list of diseases we have recently seen on the news. It appeared as if nothing was wrong, but the extreme need with which he wailed sent my parenting radar off the grid.

He stood up. He sat down. He pulled out half a roll of toilet paper.

I said, “I want to help! Use your words, I can’t help if you don’t use your words!”

Through a desperate heave my youngest says, “Words.”

“Yes, words! Words. What is wrong?”

With a pitiful gasp he said, “hipab.”

“I don’t…”


“What are you…”




“Phase” doesn’t do justice for the boy who cried iPad. Then again “love” isn’t quite big enough either.