Same Team, Moms. Same Team.

01b7f4372d603d634601446e1ca7586b6b4a87ca6aEveryone wants their day in equality court. Let’s get one fact in order right off the top; I have no experience in being discriminated against. I do not get pulled over for the color of my skin. I am not paid less for a job than someone of the opposite sex. I have never had my life threatened for my sexual orientation. My closest experience with discrimination was being rudely kept out of a piano bar for wearing sandals. I tried to organize a grassroots protest the following day, but got sleepy and ordered a Starbucks. I have lived a sheltered life away from the judgment of societal norms. I had no idea my first experience would come as stay-at-home dad when I was shunned at the playground…by moms.

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