Dad Blog: Raised by My Daughter

dad hug blogNeal Call, aka Raised by My Daughter, takes the philosophical musings of a hundred dad bloggers and boils them down to a single frame of a stick figure comic.  He usually stays pretty focused on his own navel, writing about his experiences as a dad and doesn’t spend a lot of time critiquing society or offering calls to action. Yet, Neal can turn a mundane hike into a thoughtful reminder of the simple truths in which we should find happiness. There is no doubt why he is one of Babble’s Top 100 Parent Bloggers. He is the xkcd of the dad blogging world, daring us to look into the small moments of our lives to find the meaning of life and parenthood.



How does his daughter raise him?

Every parent can relate to this, “She wavers between a matter-of-fact confidence in the rituals of her life, and a resilient acceptance of mystery and change.”  In a time when societal norms for girls are being challenged you will find Neal Call on the forefront cheering for his daughter, “MY PIRATE IS GOING TO PLUNDER YOUR PRINCESS!!!

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