Bad Haircut

bad haircutNothing says regret like taking in your mirror’s image after you have given yourself a haircut. Let’s get this straight, I’m not a guy that can take clippers to his hair, oh no. I maintain a fine coif. This is no ordinary mane; this hair, my friends, is enamored by queens and women love it, too. If it was a fish, my hair would have its own week. If it were a person, it would be Kris Kriscoiffureson.

Coifness aside, moving to the stay-at-home parent model comes along with multiple changes in your relationships and finances. When I took over at home full time, I took it upon myself to shoulder the majority of the cooking, cleaning, and financial aspects of my marriage. When we were both working, both of us were so tired that we never took the time to look line by line at how much we were spending and on what. When I started staying home I had to learn quickly to prioritize our “life-style needs” to make ends meet. (I call it that because “Every last enjoyable thing that we still falsely believe we can do and buy, even though we have two children” sounds desperate.) It was obvious that it was time to make some changes. Continue reading