The Dad Brothers Make a Castle


There are no hurt feelings between old friends.

Pat and I go back, not “way”, but back. We have seen the best and the worst of each other and we don’t care too much about either.

During college we lived in a house that was called, “The Castle” with four other guys. Pat would occasionally stumble into the kitchen to find me dipping my breakfast waffles into a tub of mayonnaise.  A smaller person would find that humiliating, but I have seen Pat without a beard and it comforts me.

We complain, we laugh, and we get on with it. Why bother to be upset because you find different things funny or interesting?

Our longest running argument is about which murder-mystery comedy is better, Murder by Death or Clue. One of us is right and the other’s name is Pat. It doesn’t matter who is right, we’d rather be friends than be pissed over such an obvious opinion.

Castles get built up and torn down for many reasons. For us, we revel in the ones we’ve made, mourn the ones that crumble, and always look for new ones to build.

In “The Castle” we were brothers. Now, as Dad Brothers, we are building new ones.


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Learn more about The Dad Brothers


 **The Dad Brothers would like to thank Dan and John for inspiration, and Jason Miller for the photography and editing.**