The Dad Brothers Build a Crib


The Dad Brothers Build a Crib

Only thing as good as having a child of your own is when someone close to you has one. All of the snuggles with none of the teething diapers.  I call that a Win/Win.

Pat is about to have a new baby girl grace his life. I can’t decide whether to envy or pity him. I think, “Who wouldn’t want a wonderful little girl that melts your heart like a Snickers in an Easy Bake Oven?” Then I ask myself, “Do I want to ask my wonderful little girl why the hem of her shorts is residing in Antarctica?” Like having Pat for a friend, it’s a blessing and a curse.

Pat often accuses me of having sinister or ulterior motives. Personally, I think he gives me too much credit. After we left college, we played White Elephant at our Christmas parties in Chicago. It took him years to forgive me for coordinating the four collectible Simpson’s watches from Burger King that he brought, into my awaiting arms. He said we had an alliance. I say there are no rules in love and White Elephant.

I will admit, I have not always been the best person. More often than not, I looked to benefit myself before others and if it worked out where everyone came away happy, then that was icing on the cake.  Something changed when I became a father. I can feel the shift from my old way of expecting others to adapt to my desires, into an expression of love that moves my sense of purpose outwardly toward my wife and children.

The best part about having great friends and family is getting to watch that transformation happen to them, too. To see them change as they work through tough nights, spend too much time putting a crib together or slowly accept defeat as they try to get their kid to eat ONE stinking vegetable. Pat’s kids, my kids, it’s all the same to us. I’m just glad I get to have a daughter, too.

For the Dad Brothers, family is not just blood. Family is caring about someone and letting them care about you. That kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, so if you see it, grab hold, you never know how long it’s going to last. Life is a blessing, treat it like one.

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