The Dad Brothers Do Spring Cleaning

The Dad Brothers Do Spring CleaningApril is known for showers and when it rains, it pours. In the past week Pat and I have collectively had an immobilizing strained back muscle, a meltdown on an airplane, Mimi dislocating her shoulder, a pee catastrophe in the airplane bathroom, my stupid cat ran away, and good friends of the family lost their 26 y/o child. When it rains…

Sometimes we’ve got to clean out the cobwebs. Priorities are the base of our best existence, should we not check occasionally where they are at? It’s tough for me to turn the light on myself, but thankfully, I’ve got a Dad Brother to do that with. I guess I’m looking at spring cleaning as more than a mop this year.

There is nothing wrong with admitting your own faults. Look at Pat. He’s wrong almost all the time and I’m still friends with him. In fact, that’s why old friends are so great to keep in our lives. They see the person you have been and the person you are trying to be. They take the good. They take the bad. They take them both and there you have…the facts of life.

I lived under the same roof as Pat for one year of my life which we call the “Castle” era. Not once, did we Spring clean. We hosed cigarette butts off the Christmas-Room floor after a party, but we never truly grasped the filth that we lived in. Mercifully, we were idiots.

Now that I’m a father of two young boys, I have to clean. Spring cleaning is my feeble attempt to avoid sickness. I’d say a solid 97% of the time, my youngest son is the contagion. Once one child has it, nobody leaves unscathed. The kids get sick and everything that needs done goes on hold for a bit.

That’s what priorities are all about. What is important enough in my life that I need to put less important things on hold? Storms come and go, but where do we go to weather them?

It’s time to clean up and be the best dads we can be.


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Learn more about The Dad Brothers


 **The Dad Brothers would like to thank Dan and John for inspiration, and Jason Miller for the photography and editing.**

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