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Resolution: an answer or solution to something.

I have never really understood why we make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Then again, I have quit more things than I have succeeded at.

According to commercials, resolutions are the answers to our lives. If I spend less, work out more, enjoy life to the fullest, and finally organize my movie collection in order of most explosions to least, then I will truly be accomplished. Only then will I have something to put my self-worth into, which will finally make me happy. Well, at least until February when I bring a doughnut on the treadmill with me. robaxin mg

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I am “that guy” that is always looking to make the perfect whatever– the perfect engagement announcement, pregnancy announcement, Christmas card, birth announcement, whatever. No matter the occasion, it always begins with capturing the perfect picture which can make or break the perfect whatever.

Kepley and I have been trying to make each other laugh for 15 years. Kepley had both of his children before I had my first and every step along the way, when I’m struggling with a new phase, his first reaction is typically to chuckle and then help me through the phase using what we know best— humor.

As The Wife and I have added kids into our perfect picture announcements, I have had to accept that I win some and I lose some. The biggest obstacle is typically the kids as they simply can’t understand my vision for the photo shoot. Everyone’s lives would be so much better if they could, but this is where we are.

Then, there’s Kepley. robaxin 500 onlike no prescription


Somewhere around the year 1995, there existed a band that planned to take over the world. An acid rock band made up of misfit high school students that called themselves, “The Fat Bastards.” I saw them “practice” a couple times. They were very good… at being proud of their band. Let’s be honest, it is possible that they were the worst band in the history of high school bands. I don’t know, and who am I to judge? After all, I think that we here at Just a Dad 247 are the funniest dad bloggers to ever live. Is it possible we are the worst dad bloggers in the history of dad bloggers? You be the judge.

What I do know is this… those guys, those “Fat Bastards,” they grew up. And they are all still friends. And now, they have kids. And they are some of the best kid-picture-chroniclers to ever live. Some of the band members have allowed us exclusive permission into their vault of kid pics, where we may pick and choose the hidden gems to release upon the world. Therefore, Just a Dad 247 is proud to present, the “Fat Bastards” vault of kid pics.


how to order robaxin online

And this, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may be the only surviving picture of the infamous “Fat Bastards.”

buy robaxin otc

Stay tuned for more gems from the “Fat Bastards” vault of kid pics.

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robaxin mail orderTo keep up with the Joneses, I took pictures of my oldest son holding a sign to announce our second child. The original idea was to catch my perfect child smiling while holding my nearly illegible message.

It started out innocently enough. My wife ironed our two year old’s clothes and I promised him treats as I handed him the sign. He did not like the sign.

I reminded him about the treats. His response was the third picture in the sequence. I kept snapping pictures trying to make him laugh, clinging to the futile hope that he would become happy and blotch-free. 

I had a plan and two year old ruined it. It’s funny how comically dumb that statement is.

My wife and I looked at the pictures later and cracked up at some of the moments that we caught on film. Most of the pictures you see here are out of order, but the idea struck me to make a little joke out of it.

Why shouldn’t we revel in the successes and failures of our children? If I only show people perfect smiles and pressed pants, I’m hiding who my children really are. They cry, they scream, and they don’t listen. They also learn, they succeed and they make me laugh. They are imperfect little blessings that are trying their best in a world that is constantly changing.

I could say the same about my own life.

The announcement was well received and the originals are on my youngest son’s wall. Maybe someday they will appreciate it.

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buy robaxin canada

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there was very little to be excited about. Except for the Ding-Ding Man. When the Ding-Ding Man came through the neighborhood, every kid dropped whatever disgusting thing they were playing with, ran home, got money from mom, and chased down the Ding-Ding Man. robaxin 500

robaxin get you high

Kepley and I became buddies in college. We sat next to each other during a play and proceeded to make fun of it’s incredible awfulness. We had the exact same type of humor and Kepley offered to buy me pizza. I do not turn down free food, especially in college, so I kept the idiotic discussion going. As long as it’s not Ramen noodles, I’m in.

Years later we found ourselves staying up late and playing Contra on the NES. All. Night. Long.

Several years later, after college, I went to a place to sell back my Nintendo’s (plural) and all of my games. I got maybe $15 for one NES. I was hard up for money. When it came time to sell the other one… I couldn’t do it. I still have it. It works. And, I kept a couple games. And when the time comes, Kepley and I will sit down, together, and teach our children how to play Contra. But first…. they’ll need the code.

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