Wine Cork Cell Phone Charging Station

Wine Cork Phone Charging Station

Do you have a cell phone that needs to be charged and like to drink?  If you answered yes, then I have the project for you. I made the one you see above for my wife on her last birthday. She had been saving wine corks for years, writing the date we drank it and the event it was for in permanent marker. She got tired of the cords and wires on the kitchen counter, so I decided to put the evidence of our love for wine on display

WCPCS Materials1 8×10 picture frame
1 box of 1 1/2 nails
1 bottle of Mod Podge Antique Matte
1 hammer
1 coping saw
1 brush (I prefer a sponge brush)
1 bunch of wine corks


WCPCS layoutWCPCS Coping sawWCPCS gapsLay your wine corks out in the frame to see how many you need. The design I came up with here works for most 8×10 frames, but feel free to come up with your own design. I try to separate the corks with horizontal pictures and/or wording from the vertical ones, then use them appropriately in the design.

Wine corks are not uniform, so there will be gaps and spaces. Use a coping saw to cut down wine corks to fill the larger gaps. Do not worry about the smaller gaps, the glue will take care of that.


WCPCS keep in orderWCPCS nail in corkWCPCS fill in the sidesSet your corks aside and in order, so you can place them easily into the frame. Drive the nails through the corks to attach and provide stability. Nail the edge pieces into the frame and then connect the inner corks to the ones attached to the frame. If you use this pattern push the horizontal ones into the ones above them. For the vertical ones, start on the sides and work your way into the middle. Alternate where you put the nails in the cork, so one nail does not run into another one.


WCPCS bottom edgeWCPCS holes for cordsWCPCS glueBefore you get too far, nail in the bottom edges. Find some smaller corks and leave two spaces for the charging cords to go through. Gently flatten the corks and apply the glue (3 coats in 15 minute intervals). Make sure to get glue into all of the cracks, that is what holds this together and gives you a flat surface.



WCPCS dry glue

WCPCS screwsWCPCS base boardLet the glue dry overnight and place a phone where you want it to sit on the charging station. I used square finishing screw because I think it works with the rustic charm of the charging station and I was too cheap to go get anything else. You could use hooks, push pins, or whatever is around your house that fits the bill. If you have problems with slipping or the frame is not big enough to cover the socket, then get a piece of scrap wood and make a diagonal cut with a table saw.


Now you can plug up your phones in style in the kitchen and have nothing to distract you in the bedroom.


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