Wooden Photo Paperweight


As a stay-at-home dad, I often send cute pictures to The Wife while she’s at work. After hearing her say, “I miss that face,” so many times, I thought she should have many of his faces at work. So, I got a small wood cube from a craft store and transferred some photos of his face onto each side. Then, while she’s at work, she can turn the cube around and see six of his faces.


IMG_4561*Wood cube
*Gel Medium (gloss)
*Mod Podge (I like the antique)
*Foam brush
*Six Pictures photocopied onto thin paper



IMG_4562IMG_4563*Find the pictures you want to use. If they have any words on them, you may want to flip the picture horizontally. If not, all of the letters will be backwards in your finished product.
*Get the pictures printed using a photocopier, making sure the sizes are small enough to fit onto the wood cube.
*Using the foam brush, apply the gel medium liberally onto the wood and the picture.
*Place the picture face down onto the wood and smooth it out. (use a credit card or something like that)
*Repeat on all sides of the cube and let it dry over night.


IMG_4579*The next day, get some water in a bowl and wet your fingers and dampen the entire surface of the paper (you can also use a sponge if you want).
*Lightly rub away all of the paper. It will come off of the wood leaving the photo on the wood.
*Let it dry completely.



IMG_4713*Using the foam brush, apply Mod Podge onto the surface.
*Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes and re-apply.
*Repeat on all sides of the cube.
*You can put 3-4 coats on, until you are satisfied with the feel.



If you’d like, you can sand the edges to remove any excess mod podge and to give the edges a smoother feel.


Happy DIY-ing, my friend!

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