10 reasons to accompany your partner to a prepared course

A woman discovers herself as a mother when the pregnancy test is positive. She has nine months to meet her baby, watch her body change and prepare psychologically for the arrival of this little one in her life. Dads don’t have that kind of luck. Many discover themselves as fathers when the child is about 6 months old and begins to interact with warble and smiles. The prepared course therefore serves precisely to bypass this time span and to immediately descend into the new role.

10 reasons to accompany your partner to a preparatory course

1. Living the wait together and not feeling excluded.

2. Understand what happens to your partner during pregnancy.

3. Understand the psychological implications of pregnancy.

4. Make her feel loved and important.

5. Deciding whether or not to attend the birth: it is not compulsory, but if you choose to be present you must do so in the most appropriate way.

6. Helping your partner along the birth path: deciding together which prenatal examinations to do, which hospital to choose, what type of birth to want.

7. Become familiar with the hospital environment and its staff.

8. To learn the information necessary for the first care of the child (diaper change, bedtime, different types of crying, bath, neonatal massage, etc.).

9. Prevent jealousy and baby blues, which very often affects even men.

10. Organize a peaceful return home

Usually dads participate in one (maximum two lessons) on 8/10 of the prepared courses. You have to try to be present. It is good for the future father, good for the expectant mother and above all good for the couple.

Daddy in the birthing suite, if he doesn’t want to come in?

Not all dads want to be in the delivery room when the baby is born. There are many men who do not have the courage to admit it, because they fear that their partner will be hurt or make a bad impression. None of this. It is very important to be honest from the beginning and not to create false expectations. Moreover, neither of the future parents should feel obliged or forced to do anything against their will.

Being present at birth must be a personal choice. If the man does not feel like it, perhaps because he knows that he is very anxious and nervous and that he can convey his negative emotions to his mother or simply is easily impressionable, it is right that he should be outside, waiting for the happy news, with the other relatives.

Choose Another Person

The woman must accept this position as something natural. It is not a lack of respect for the partner, it is not a lack of love or a failure to share this very strong emotion, on the contrary. It is precisely the awareness of not feeling up to it. How to behave? Choose another person. You could ask a friend, a sister, your mother, anyone you really feel close to and above all you know how to be the ideal person to give you courage and to make you feel serene.

Dad, Everyone To The Prepared Course

For dads, however, the advice is to participate in a course prepared with the companion. Why is it important? Because these courses are not only a preparation for the woman, but also provide important information: they explain what to expect, what could happen, how the man can be useful and what he absolutely must not do. Probably the choice of being present or not at the birth can only take place after the course.