9 months to become a dad: some advice

One day she came to you with a surprise, maybe she chose a creative way to tell you about it, or she jumped around your neck, caught up in emotion, or called you on the phone during a business meeting: that moment changed the lives of both of you, and now you and your partner are about to become parents.

If your heart stopped for happiness but at the same time a little bit of fear cluttered a knot in your throat, don’t worry: yours is an absolutely normal reaction!

Stop for a moment and think about the beautiful gift that Nature gives you: you have in front of you nine months to become familiar with the role that awaits you and understand a little better what it means to become a father!


Stay close to your partner throughout the journey: accompany her to medical examinations, talk to specialists and do not hide your doubts. Even if you think your questions might be silly, remember that there are no silly questions, especially when we start to know such new things and feelings.


During the pregnancy period, you may be assailed by moments of fear, during which the brain is crowded with a thousand questions such as: “Will I be able to be a dad? Will I be able to change a diaper? But what are we going to choose to have a baby at home or in the hospital for? Let your mind run free for a while and then, instead of making a good face at any cost, talk to your partner. You’ll find that she too is full of fears and that it’s completely natural: you’re facing the biggest individual and couple revolution there is and it would be strange not to feel a little lost every now and then! Talking to her will not only make you feel more serene, it will also strengthen your bond.


From the moment the news becomes public knowledge, you will notice how much people who love you tend to dispense advice. They certainly do this because they are happy for you but, at certain times, it may make you feel a bit inadequate. Don’t forget the precious gift of irony: with your partner don’t stop laughing and look for the ironic side of the small and big challenges that await you. Often an anecdote and laughter save you: even serious things can be faced with a smile!

And do you feel like telling us how you reacted when you knew you were going to be a dad?